Bulldog Swimming has a limited number of spaces available in each training group. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of how fees are charged.  The club bases the budget on the number of swimmers in each group. If these numbers fluctuate then the budget may not balance. Fees are based on a full year’s participation and there are no prorated accounts.


The total fee must be paid regardless if the swimmer ceases to participate with the Bulldog Swimming program, temporarily or permanently. This includes high school swimming seasons, other sports, summer swimming, illness, injury, vacation, canceled practice and any other reason. If you are concerned about making your payments on a timely basis, please contact Adriana Schack to set up a payment plan. Once registered, nothing entitles you to terminate this agreement without paying the total fees due.There are no refunds for any reason.


Invoices will be generated on the 1st of each month and automatically charged to the card on file with your account.


Invoice Charges:


Tuition: Billed according to the respective group.


Escrow Accounts: Each family is required to establish an escrow account of $150. This is a security fund in the case that we need to pay a meet entry before billing you. The Business Manager will maintain a record for each family. The cost of each event varies with the level of competition and nature of the event. (individual vs. relays) On average, events run $7.50-$13 and relays are approximately $10. A family without an adequate escrow balance will not be entered in meets. If at the end of the 2022-2023 year a swimmer has a positive balance in the escrow account, such amount shall be returned to the swimmer, or at the swimmer's option, will be carried over into the following season.


Team Travel Meet Fees: On the day a meet registration closes all accounts will be charged. The fees are evenly split among all swimmers who opted-in to the meet. Expenses that are included typically include transportation, lodging, meals and coach’s expenses. Once a meet registration is closed there are no refunds for any reason.


Swim Meet Coach Fees:  A fee will be billed for each meet a swimmer enters to provide for the expenses incurred in staffing coaches at swim meets. This fees varies depending on the expense of staffing and number of participants.


Initiation Fee: An initiation fee of $200 is a one-time fee for each swimmer joining the team. This fee is non-refundable.


Administrative Fee of $100 will be charged to your first invoice. It covers the cost of paper, office supplies, website maintenance, etc.




Registration and Payment Schedule


Registration for returning swimmers will open each July. The tuition will be broken up into 8 monthly payments from July to February. At registration the first of 8 tuition installments, admin fee, USA registration fee are due. Bulldog Swimming does not prorate tuition for swimmers joining after July.