Roles and Responsibilities

Below are some fundamental roles and responsibilities for Athletes, Coaches and Parents. All three have to be involved in order for the athlete to perform, but it’s important that each understands and embraces what their role requires.


Athlete Roles

  • Listen to coaches and be coachable
  • Treat teammates with respect and support
  • Practice with great effort and focus
  • Take responsibility for your performances; ahead of time and at meets
  • Arrive prepared for practices and meets
  • Wear the designated team uniform
  • Keep pool deck, locker rooms and equipment rooms clean


Coach’s Roles 

  • Provide athletes and families with a pathway to success
  • Maintain communication with athletes and families
  • Prepared with a plan for the season and each practice
  • Promote our core values
  • Provide athletes with feedback daily
  • Challenge athletes to go beyond what they believe is possible
  • Teach proper stroke and wall mechanics
  • Choose the meet schedule for the year
  • Choose meet events for athletes at meets
  • Set an example for the athletes to follow
  • Be knowledgeable of the sport of swimming, and work to improve information and coaching skills


Parent’s Roles

  • Keep your team account in order
  • Volunteer to help run team functions
  • Get your athletes to practice and meets on time
  • Supply your athlete with correct team uniform and practice gear
  • Let the coaches coach without interference
  • Know that your role does not involve coaching and embrace that; be their parent!
  • Read the weekly updates, reminders and newsletters; you owe it to your athlete and pocketbook to stay informed
  • Take an interest in your athlete’s performance; if it is important to you, it’s much more likely to be important to them

Understand that you and your athlete are part of a team. That means adhering to team guidelines and policies; help to create a team culture that benefits both your child and all the kids on the team.